7 waves Eurolines roofing

+ 1.29m width, 1.20m effective
+ Thickness: 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm
+ Length: cut to length of roof
+ Color: Yellow beige, blue, according to customer requirements.
+ Wave size:


+ It is specifically designed to slot surge, heavy rain, high winds, slot role as drainage gutters small help fast, avoid leaking splashing.


Use Eurolines roofing, workshop will correct the leak, splashing in heavy rain, high winds. Ability insulation, sound insulation of roofing sheet factory to help pleasant working environment, workers concentrate, increase labor productivity.
Especially in the factory affected by chemical, gas oxidation, moisture, then Eurolines roofing is the number one choice. Eurolines chemical corrosion, oxidation does not lead to rotting, rusty. Products with high life saving maintenance costs, replacement.
Eurolines Roofing is widely used in the chemical factory, fertilizer, ceramics, rubber processing factories, tea factories, steel.