About us

Phat Loc heat materials Co., Ltd founded in early 2007 on the basis of 20 years of business experience in insulation, sound insulation. With the motto of give to customers core values​​, Phat Loc has become the leading names in the market producing insulation, sound insulation. Phat Loc always provide consumers with high quality products, competitive prices, considerate service.

Phat Loc products has firm stand on the market, the product line includes: insulation airbags, roof from UPVC, roofing Eurolines chemical corrosion resistance, PVC pallet … and some other specialized products. Phat Loc’Eurolines roofing is proud to be the number one product for the plant chemical corrosion, oxidation gas. Durable products, heat-resistant, anti-noise, anti-chemical corrosion, maintenance cost savings, alternative, environmentally friendly.

Outstanding features

– Super durable, anti-aging

– Corrosion resistant, chemical resistant

– Fresh colors

– Insulation – soundproofing

– Anti storms, tornadoes

– Arbitrary length, quick construction

– Lightweight, easy to transport

– Cost savings

– Environmentally friendly