Eurolines Phat Loc roofing sustainable despite weather

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Metal roofing has long been used quite commonly in construction. In the process easy to use that very noisy and hot galvanized steel sheet, after a period of use will be rust and perforation. Especially in the chemical environment, extreme environments, the roofing coastal areas as quickly corrode quickly lead to rust.

Eurolines Phat Loc roofing sustainable despite weather

As the global climate heats up, no clean rain that always accompany the chemicals, the material requirements for a roof that can withstand the chemical is extremely necessary. Meet that requirement, Phat Loc has been studied roofing chemical corrosion resistance and put into production.

Eurolines roofing are produced on modern technological lines with many advantages: durable, chemical corrosion resistance, thermal insulation … synchronous soundproofed ISO 9001-2008. With design and height waveform extremely reasonable corrugated, roof drainage is very fast and very stable in the environment many cyclones, hurricanes rain. Height optimal anti-typhoon belt accompany the optimal solution for the project in the coastal areas, many storms. Especially when it rains accompanying cyclones, conventional roofing or cause leaking rain splashing the last wave Eurolines citrus acts as a water trough water and sang to escape.

Tile wave – Eurolines Roofing haved formed by 3 layers:
– Grade surface: use plastic PMMA is resistant to the effects of ultraviolet rays, anti-corrosion chemicals, no flying colors, glossy surfaces are bright, no scratches.
– Middleware: is a foam sponge-like structure increases the stability and soundproof insulation effect.
– Bottom layer: composed of PVC increases stiffness for roofing, to help increase the durability of the product.
So that the product has a very high life expectancy from 15 to 20 years, unaffected by chemicals, fresh colors to soundproof insulation.


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