Flooded light natural with UPVC translucent roofing

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UPVC translucent roofing is seen as a perfect solution to be able to have a light-filled space without the need to pay for the installation of electric lighting systems.

Roof from the roofing product lines, from light baffles are manufactured using PVC material with hard additive increases, increase flexibility, impact resistance, white, sustainability, durability, helps take efficient light. Vietnamese products have advantages, not aging, yellowing, brittle during use. Product life of 15 years, saving maintenance costs, replacement.

Flooded light natural with UPVC translucent roofing

Currently, to meet the diverse needs of customers, products not only plastic from light to white light color which has the ability to provide different types of light, such as white, bronze, blue ocean, green … from light plastic panels usually used in roofing construction jobs, as the container, bulkhead or greenhouse.

Phat Loc has many years of experience in the field of supply and distribution of roofing, appliances, building materials, we ensure our customers bring products to best translucent sheet. The products Phat Loc plastic from light not only diversity of models, types and criteria of quality and price has always been committed suppliers, guaranteed.


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