Specifications and features of transclusent roofing

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1. Features:
Translucent roofing used in the industry exposure, and light for plant and effective civil, used to get the light is effective against chemical corrosion of industrial buildings, factories, dry. In agricultural projects, livestock and aquatic farming and light users, creating the ideal environment for plants and animals thrive and gain weight quickly.

2. Standard:
Sun Exposure plastic made from high quality UPVC plastic, reinforced by senior additives, should slow down the brain chemical durability, increased toughness, abrasion resistance, durability over time, the Japanese standard and Europe.

Specifications and features of transclusent roofing

3. Application:
Translucent roofing used in industrial and consumer needs as much natural light:
– The exposed brick, agricultural
– Workshops and Warehouses
– Nurseries, vegetable growers
– Well heaven, domes, …

4. Advantages and specifications:
– The high light transmission
– The optimal temperature
– Accept crashes
– A lightweight material
– High fire resistance
– Fire resistance: Plastic UPVC does not ignite, the fire against fire spread
– Roofing durable plastic, not aging, life expectancy over 15 years of use
– Environmentally friendly: from light panels are made from high quality material with high safety, non-toxic to the user.


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