The ability to cause disease even in your house

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Many areas in your home can harbor hazardous without your knowledge. Here’s how to identify the factors that may affect the health of your family in your own home.


Check the label of your sofa in your home by a number of upholstered furniture can contain toxic fire retardant chemicals. These substances can cause thyroid disorders, as lower IQ, decreased fertility and increased risk of cancer.

The ability to cause disease even in your house

Dust particles formed from the sofa can fly into the air, where you and the members of the family are breathing. While you can not dispose of high-value items such as changing a shirt this there are ways to control dust levels are quite simple chemicals. Try dusting or vacuuming, and washing your hands frequently and thoroughly.



Humid environments in the bathroom from sprinklers may lead to the production of various kinds of mold on the walls. The bathroom wall surface can easily be cleaned by scrubbing with a little piece of soap and water. But in deep space will mark can not wash your risk and inhalation without knowing it. This can irritate the lungs, leading to asthma and other diseases. To prevent the growth of fungus in the bathroom, check to be sure to keep the bathroom or install additional ventilation exhaust fan in the bathroom to avoid damp.

Wood floor


Laminate wood flooring is found to contain high levels of formaldehyde in the glue, used to attach the wooden stick into the floor. This formaldehyde can be converted into gaseous form. When members of your family can breathe that air inhalation. This dangerous type laminate floor can increase the risk of asthma, as well as diseases of the lungs, eyes and irritate the nose. If your floor has a high chemical content, remove them and replace them with natural wood flooring or marble floor.

Painting walls

A lot of houses are painted with lead paint inside, especially the houses were built long ago. Lead is highly toxic substances can affect the human brain. The doors are painted with paint containing lead is particularly dangerous because the opening and closing constantly lead shattered, flying through the air and into the lungs.


If simply pressing a new coat of paint on the old paint can not be removed by chemical lead. So, if your house was built a long time ago and there is a high probability using toxic paints, call the experts to check if your wall has lead paint and remove it promptly if necessary appliance.


Asbestos is a common substance was put into production in the ceiling and roof. If your house makes use of asbestos ceiling panels, you are faced with many health risks.


Currently in Vietnam, many households still use asbestos roofing sheets, even rainwater from the roof sheets to make water. In fact, this is an extremely harmful substance and all forms of asbestos are carcinogenic risk.

If you are taking the family with asbestos ceiling, do not touch, poke or try to manually remove them, this will cause the asbestos particles are released into the air, making your family inhalation. If asbestos enters the respiratory system may cause irritation, lung scarring and potentially tumor forming mesothelioma, lung cancer endothelium. Should quickly replace asbestos ceiling by using other materials safer for both home health.


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