Tile waves – Eurolines roofing

Waves tile roofing are composed 3 grades:

  • Surface: Constructed primarily from PVC, PMMA, UV … help roofing surfaces are glossy, color fastness, against the harsh effects of the environment: UV, weather, chemicals …
  • Middle layer: There are foam-like structure increases the stability of roofing, roofing likely help insulate, soundproof good.
  • Bottom layer: enhanced additive to increase the hardness of roofing, anti-chemical corrosion, oxidation gases and moisture, durability of product quality, air and moisture, oxidation, increased reliability products …




– 730mm width, 640 effective

– Thickness: 2.5mm, 3.0mm

– Length: cut to length of the roof

– Color: According to customer requirements.


Comparison table