UPVC transclusent roofing


UPVC transclusent roofing produced by PVC with additives to increase the hardware, increased toughness, impact resistance, white, sustainable, abrasion resistance, and to light effective.
UPVC is widly used to receive light for drying house, garden house, in civil and industry construction.

+ Width 1.08 with 11 square waves
+ Colour: White, only
+ Thickness: 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5 (mm)
+ Length: to request of customers

Outstanding feature

Durable materials: Contains anti – UV compound (0.2% UV), it could help to decrease maximum degradation, the yellowing and long life of roofing.

Light Transmit:UPVC let 85% of natural light transmit into the works, help to receive light, save electric expense.

Fire resistance: UPVC no fire, fire spread.

Environmentally friendly: UPVC transclusent roofing is made from advanced materials help high safety products, harmless to the user.

Technical specifications


Test standard Average index
Tensile strength

Cường độ kéo đứt

TCVN 4501 – 88 425kg.f/cm²
Compresitive strength

Cường độ chịu nén

TCVN 4501 – 88 810 kgf/cm²

Độ co dãn

ISO 175:1999 320000PSI ± 10%
Bending strengthCường độ uốn ISO 175:2000 810 kgf/cm²
Stained index

Chỉ số ố vàng

ISO 175:1999 < 0.1
Light transmission capacity

Khả năng truyền ánh sáng

Length of transmittancy:


UV permeabilityĐộ thâm nhập của tia cực tím Length of transmittancy

300mm (UV/VIS)

Weather resistance

Độ chịu đựng thời tiết

Continuous exposure of the sun in 3000h Chỉ số ố vàng dưới 5

Stained index <5

Ability of fire

Khả năng cháy

Exposed to fire in 10s Selt – extinguish
Temperature range

Giới hạn chịu nhiệt

TCVN 4501 – 88 -30°C – 120°C


Use UPVC transculent roofing in agriculture