Use UPVC transculent roofing in agriculture

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Vietnam is an agricultural country with 70% of the total GDP in the sector. The utilization of agricultural land and the efficient exploitation of agricultural crops is very much interested state. Currently in many provinces such as Da Lat has applied to build the greenhouse agriculture, but when building the most important greenhouse to note is found from light plastic roofing good, get plenty of light and radiation against the sun, saving energy costs. UPVC roof from Phat Loc due to research and produce is selected by the majority of investors, businesses, favored private use.

Use UPVC transculent roofing in agriculture

UPVC translucent roofing with UV-coated outer surface, line producer on the most modern technology so they are capable of super good light transmission up to 85% of natural light and heat absorption capacity of trees greenhouse. In addition, the plates from light is also capable of safe insulation, no moisture, no rust.
– Panels made from UPVC am not ignite, the fire against fire spread.
– Use plastic corrugated light energy saving lighting dramatically.
– Products with high safety, non-toxic to the user.

One special focus is radiation: ultraviolet radiation will destroy plant cells and reduce the intensity of photosynthesis, the process by a factor of plant growth. This is especially important for vegetables, flowers and cultivation of small trees. UPVC roof from absorbing all the UV radiation is harmful.

Application in agriculture is one of the popular applications of UPVC translucent roofing in the advanced countries in the world, along with its features such as the ability of light transmission and thermal insulation, range colors, durable and lighter than glass … this type of roofing applications for a variety of other works such as eaves, roofs, skylights, indoor pool, canopy, roof and light … with the advantage of its features, and light panels will be used more in the future.


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